Sunday, September 9, 2007

Game 2- Texas A&M vs. Fresno State

Well game 2 is behind us and surprisingly we are 2-0. Tailgating was a success...wish we could say the same thing about the game. We had a blast even though the heat was crazy!! The Blue Rhino was a hit and the burgers and hot dogs hit the spot. Thanks to all who stopped by and we hope to see you next weekend. BTHO Louisiana Monroe!!!


Ryan said...

Howdy from Ramadi!

The site is great - please have a beer for me.

Ryan Bickley
CPT, Armor
Task Force 1-77

Anonymous said...

Kimbo, come on.... did you really say suprisingly we are 2 and 0! Have some faith :) We are now 3 and 0! WHOOP!